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Have you ever been to a wedding or party where they’ve hired one of our chocolate fountains? You know what we mean – the ones with a constant waterfall of liquid chocolate that you dip fruit, sweets and marshmallows in! They’re amazing aren’t they!

Well how do you fancy a chocolate fountain that you can use at home, party, wedding

Our new award winning stainless steel Chocolate Fountain is the ultimate accessory for home entertaining. Just fill the base with melted chocolate, turn on the motor and experience pure chocolate heaven! Warm belgian chocolate (or any chocolate for that matter!) is carried to the top of the fountain where it cascades down, forming a flowing curtain of delicious chocolate. You can dip whatever you want into the chocolate – as long as it goes on a stick it will be okay!!

Compare Commercial Quality Chocolate Fountains 

The original stainless steel chocolate fountain is perfect for use all year round -brilliant at barbecues in the summer, perfect for parties in the winter and fabulous for family get-together at Christmas! Whatever the occasion, the Chocolate Fountain is sure to be the number one attraction! You don’t have to be Willy Wonka to own one and you certainly won’t need a golden ticket to get to see one!

5 Tiers Chocolate Fountain Sales

chocolate fountain machine sales


  • Stainless Steel design ensures durability
  • ‘Drop on’ tier assembly for setup in seconds
  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to use pre-set heat controls to maintain chocolate at the perfect temperature
  • Auger rather than pump to eliminate blockages
  • Specially formulated Belgian Chocolate included
  • Dimensions: Height – 39.5cm, Diameter of Bowl – 21cm, Basin Height – 19cm (home fountain)
  • Dimensions: Height – 60CM up to 140CM, Diameter of Bowl up to 50CM, Basin Height: 20-39CM for Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Unlike most chocolate fountains available, this one features an auger (a rotating spiral shaft) which carries the chocolate to the top of the fountain rather than pumping it. This method is used in the professional chocolate fountains and eliminates the blockages associated with pump systems. Such a system will come in particularly handy if you ever invite Augustus Gloop to your party….

Chocolate Fountain Surround 7 tiers large chocolate fountain

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