Chocolate Fountain Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the chocolate get to the top of the Fountain?

Answer: Inside the Fountain is a specially made stainless steel corkscrew, this rotates and brings the chocolate from the base to the opening at the top of the Fountain, it then overflows and cascades back down to the basin.

2. What would I do with the Chocolate Fountain?
Answer: The Chocolate Fountain can be hired for any event – weddings, banquets, birthday parties..….just about any occasion where you wish to impress your guests!

3. What kind of chocolate is used in the Fountain?
Answer: Couverature chocolate. We use the very best Belgian chocolate.

4. What is Couverature chocolate?
Answer: Couverature chocolate has more cocoa butter than regular chocolate, typically between 33%-38% in a superior brand. Couverature is French for ‘covering’ and is used to coat many individual chocolates e.g. truffles.

5. How long will the Chocolate Fountain continue running?
Answer: Actually forever! The Chocolate Fountain acts as a tempering/heating unit therefore the machine will keep the chocolate at a constant temperature preventing the chocolate from hardening.

6. How many people does each fountain serve?
Answer: The large Chocolate Fountain serves between 100 and 800; this takes into account that more chocolate will be added during your event.

7. What can you dip in the Chocolate Fountain?
Answer: You can use strawberries, marshmallows, miniature doughnuts, other fruits, actually anything edible that goes with chocolate, however, we strongly advise against anything crumbly or anything that could easily slide off the skewer.

8. Can the Chocolate Fountain be used outside?
Answer: The Fountain can only be operated in enclosed areas. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, the strong aroma of the chocolate attracts flying insects and secondly the chocolate needs to be kept warm at all times – this can be difficult if there is a breeze of some sort.

9. How much does the Chocolate Fountain weigh and what are the power requirements?
Answer: The medium Chocolate Fountain weighs 38kg and the large Fountain weighs 43kg. All the Fountains use the basic three-prong outlet, 240 volt, which is very convenient, along with an 8 amp fuse.

10. What happens if you run out of dips or chocolate?
Answer: All precautions are taken to avoid this from ever happening. Providing we are given the correct information regarding numbers of guests, we guarantee we will have enough to last the whole event.

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